The Junior Bar

The Junior Bar is a significant segment of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL), which is the highest professional organization representing all lawyers in Sri Lanka. The BASL boasts a substantial membership of around 23,000 Attorneys-at-Law, and the Junior Bar constitutes a significant portion of this membership.

The Junior Bar primarily consists of lawyers who have been in the legal profession for less than ten years. These are young and aspiring legal professionals who are in the early stages of their legal careers. They are typically recent graduates from law schools, newly qualified lawyers, or junior practitioners gaining experience in their respective fields.

As members of the Junior Bar, these lawyers have access to various benefits and resources provided by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka. The BASL recognizes the unique needs and challenges faced by junior lawyers and strives to cater to their professional development and growth.

The Junior Bar Committee, appointed by the BASL, is responsible for organizing programs, events, and initiatives specifically tailored to the needs and interests of junior lawyers. These initiatives aim to enhance their legal knowledge, practical skills, and networking opportunities within the legal community.

The Junior Bar Committee organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, and training programmes covering a wide range of legal subjects. These events provide platforms for junior lawyers to engage in discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions led by experienced practitioners and legal experts. The programmes are designed to foster learning, promote professional growth, and facilitate connections among junior members of the legal profession.

Additionally, the Junior Bar Committee is also involved with publications, such as the Junior Bar Law Journal, which allow junior lawyers and law students to contribute their research and written works to the legal community. These publications serve as a platform for junior lawyers to showcase their legal scholarship and gain recognition within the legal profession.
The Junior Bar holds a crucial role within the Bar Association of Sri Lanka as a dynamic and vibrant community of young legal professionals. It serves as a forum for their voices to be heard, concerns addressed, and contributions recognized.

The BASL, through the Junior Bar Committee, endeavors to support, mentor, and guide junior lawyers in their early careers, nurturing them to become the future leaders and pillars of the legal profession in Sri Lanka.