Junior National Law Conference '23

The Junior National Law Conference (JNLC) is a highly anticipated and apex event organized annually by the Junior Bar Committee of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL). The conference serves as a vital platform for the development of professional skills and knowledge among its junior members. In addition to the members of the Junior Bar, the JNLC annually attracts many President’s Counsel, Senior Lawyers and Judges in the legal field. Continuing the tradition of the conference, all academic sessions of JNLC 2023 will be conducted by distinguished members of the profession.

This year’s Junior National Law Conference bis anticipated to take place with utmost grandeur at Shangri-La, Hambantota on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of October 2023. This esteemed occasion will witness the participation of over 350 legal professionals. Notably, this conference aligns with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.

The Junior National Law Conference spans three days and two nights, offering a residential experience that fosters a conducive learning environment. The conference aims to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration between the senior members of the BASL and the Junior Bar. It provides a unique opportunity for young and aspiring lawyers to come together, engage in meaningful discussions, and enhance their understanding of various legal topics.


The conference features a diverse range of activities designed to enrich the learning experience of the participants. It includes interactive sessions, thought-provoking presentations, and engaging workshops led by renowned judges, legal experts and experienced practitioners including President’s Counsel sharing their expertise, insights, and practical knowledge. Participants are provided the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in meaningful discussions on the intricacies of different legal subjects.

These sessions cover a wide spectrum of legal subjects, allowing participants to explore new areas of law, deepen their understanding of existing concepts, and stay updated on the latest legal developments. Thought-provoking presentations are a key component of the conference sessions. Accomplished legal professionals deliver talks on cutting-edge legal issues, emerging trends, and landmark cases, fostering intellectual curiosity and expanding the participants' understanding of complex legal concepts.


Networking plays a significant role in the Junior National Law Conference. Participants have the chance to interact with senior members of the legal profession, including esteemed judges, senior practitioners and influential legal scholars. This gathering creates an ideal platform for junior lawyers to forge meaningful connections and establish valuable professional relationships.

The conference provides structured networking events, such as a gala dinner, where participants can interact with senior legal professionals in a relaxed and informal setting. These networking sessions allow for meaningful exchanges, mentorship possibilities, and the sharing of insights and experiences. Participants can seek guidance, advice, and career mentorship from experienced professionals who have excelled in their respective fields of law.
Furthermore, the Junior National Law Conference facilitates networking through various interactive activities throughout the event. Participants have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers, engage in group discussions, and exchange ideas and perspectives on legal issues. This promotes a sense of camaraderie among junior legal professionals and fosters a supportive community that encourages knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Networking at the conference not only opens doors for future professional opportunities but also provides a platform for junior lawyers to build a network of support and guidance within the legal community. The connections made during the conference can lead to long-lasting professional relationships and even potential collaborations on legal projects and initiatives.
By emphasizing networking, the Junior National Law Conference recognizes the importance of building connections and fostering relationships within the legal profession. These networking opportunities contribute to the personal and professional development lawyers, empowering them to navigate their legal careers with confidence and success.

White Paper & Impact

Following the conclusion of the Junior National Law Conference, a comprehensive white paper will be compiled to document the key learnings, insights, and decisions arising from the discussions and deliberations during the event. This white paper serves as a valuable resource and reference for all participants and stakeholders involved.

The white paper aims to capture the collective wisdom and recommendations generated at the conference. It will outline the significant legal topics addressed, the diverse perspectives shared by participants, and the actionable steps identified to address emerging legal challenges. This document will highlight the potential areas for reform, suggest policy changes, and provide guidance on best practices within the legal profession.

To ensure widespread dissemination of the findings, the white paper will be circulated among all lawyers in Sri Lanka. This allows legal professionals across the country to benefit from the collective knowledge and insights gathered at the conference. Additionally, the white paper will be officially forwarded and sent to all stakeholders including governmental bodies, statutory authorities, and legal institutions. This step aims to create awareness and encourage necessary actions by these entities to address the matters discussed.
By publishing and sharing the white paper, the Junior National Law Conference also aims to promote an informed and proactive approach to legal reform. It serves as a catalyst for change and encourages ongoing dialogue and collaboration between the legal community and the relevant authorities.

The aim is to reiterate to junior participants the core principles and foundational elements that have been upheld over the years. Additionally, it seeks to foster the advancement of a resilient legal framework that corresponds to the evolving societal requirements, while ensuring equitable and just outcomes for all individuals.

Through the Junior National Law Conference, the Junior Bar Committee aims to promote professional development, foster a sense of camaraderie among junior legal professionals, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning within the legal profession. This conference plays a pivotal role in equipping young lawyers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and networks to excel in their legal careers and make meaningful contributions to the legal landscape of Sri Lanka.